Summer Floats |


Summer Floats |
Pineapple Inner Tube | Smarties Noodle | Pretzel Inner Tube | Popsicle Lounger | Ice Cream Cones | Palm Tree Drink Inner Tube

When Summer comes…so do the pool parties.

And what better way to make an entrance than with an awesome pool float?

I honestly thought it couldn’t get any better than the doughnut and pizza floats that were everywhere last year. But damn Daniel…they’ve done it again.

From popsicles to pretzels there is a range of food items you can float on all summer.

I am personally obsessed with the smarties noodle. How freakin cute is that thing?

I also wouldn’t be mad about taking that popsicle to a 4th of July party.

Let me know what float you are obsessing over this summer.


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