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IKEA RAST HACK!!! Do I need to say more? I have been admiring all of the rast hacks on pinterest for YEARS! That seems crazy. How have I not done this sooner?

So, this is obviously a long overdue project for me. I will say that everyone who blogs about these hacks makes them look sooooo easy. Maybe it is my lack of professional tools (I definitely broke the drill bit of my Ikea power drill while doing this), or my need to finish projects quickly, but this felt like a somewhat time intensive project. I will say that the end result is exactly what I wanted. Not only are these side tables an AMAZING upgrade from the Ikea Lack tables I’ve been rocking since my junior year of college, but…BONUS, they add a ton of storage.

Ikea Rast Hack | EatStyleCreate.com

Ikea Rast Hack | EatStyleCreate.com
Don’t mind the random screw. Its not called a catch all dish for nothing 🙂


Here is a list of the supplies I used:Ikea Rast Hack | EatStyleCreate.com

I’m not going to go into all of the details of this project – since there are a ton of tutorials online already, but I will provide some tips and tricks I learned along the way:

*USE PRIMER. These dressers are made out of pine, and apparently pine will bleed through the paint over time if you don’t use primer. I used KILZ primer tinted to a light grey color. I did 2 coats to ensure the wood wouldn’t bleed through and to lessen the amount of paint I would have to use.

*Remember that each coat of primer/paint needs 2-4 hours to dry. Call me an ameteur, but I thought this would be an easy weekend project. Waiting at least 2 hours between coats definitely extended the project time – not to mention the couple hours it took me to get the dressers put together.

Ikea Rast Hack | EatStyleCreate.com

*Less hardware = a lot less time. Those corner brackets are what added a lot of time to this project. Don’t get me wrong, I think they were worth the time spent, but it was definitely draining adding each of them.

Ikea Rast Hack | EatStyleCreate.com

I know the styling has a ways to go. That blank wall definitely needs some love, but for now I’m so happy with these.

And of course this little model had to crash the photo shoot…

Ikea Rast Hack | EatStyleCreate.com

Has anyone else done a Rast hack? What finishes did you choose?


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