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1. Summer Bag | 2. Here & Here | 3. White Tee | 4. Black Shorts | 5. Sea Salt Spray | 6. Hair Ties | 7. SD Hat | 8. Beach Towel

Now that June gloom is coming to an end, the beach is calling my name.

And there are some items that are non-negotiables when it comes to my beach bag.

  1. This bag is cute and affordable. Perfect.
  2. Having something to read at the beach is a necessity. I talked about my summer reading list here with all of the books I recommend.
  3. White Tees are a summer go-to. Whether you are going to the beach or out and about, a white tee works for every occasion – and it doesn’t hurt that white makes you look more tan.
  4. Cotton shorts are easy to throw on and go. And these black lace shorts are comfortable AND make you look put together.
  5. While the ocean gives you a natural salty hairdo, this sea salt spray can give you waves whether you take a dip or not.
  6. Hair-ties are perfect to keep your hair out of your face while on the sand – or if you’re like me, to wrap up the rats nest that your hair turns into after you go swimming.
  7. Hats are a necessity all summer long. Keeps the sun off your face and wrinkles to a minimum.
  8. The last thing I have to have in my beach bag is a HUGE beach towel. I’m loving these circular towels, but I also love my good ‘ol costco jumbo towel 🙂

And while sunscreen isn’t on the list, it goes without saying that I slather it on all summer (and year) long.

What are some of your summer beach bag must-haves?



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Summer Floats | EatStyleCreate.com
Pineapple Inner Tube | Smarties Noodle | Pretzel Inner Tube | Popsicle Lounger | Ice Cream Cones | Palm Tree Drink Inner Tube

When Summer comes…so do the pool parties.

And what better way to make an entrance than with an awesome pool float?

I honestly thought it couldn’t get any better than the doughnut and pizza floats that were everywhere last year. But damn Daniel…they’ve done it again.

From popsicles to pretzels there is a range of food items you can float on all summer.

I am personally obsessed with the smarties noodle. How freakin cute is that thing?

I also wouldn’t be mad about taking that popsicle to a 4th of July party.

Let me know what float you are obsessing over this summer.


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Gift Guide For Him 2015 | EatStyleCreate.com

Audio-Technica Turntable | Art of Shaving Kit | Beats by Dre | 

Thug Kitchen Cookbook | J.Crew Leather Flask | Star Wars iPhone 6 Case

It is December 1st and officially the start of the Christmas season. Woo-who! I LOVE CHRISTMAS – can you tell? Haha. The lights, the tree, the weather – I love it all.

To get you started on your Christmas shopping, I put together this Gift Guide For Him. Hopefully it gives you some good ideas for your boyfriend, husband, brother or friend.

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Cheap & Chic Halloween Decorations | EatStyleCreate.com

This is Halloween, this is Halloween…Halloween Halloween Halloween…(anyone else love that movie as much as me?).

I have to say that Halloween is probably one of the harder holidays for me to decorate my apartment for. At Christmas my place is dripping with glitter, ornaments and lights, but Halloween has always been a tougher one. Mostly because so many Halloween decorations are either meant for a front yard (which I don’t have) or they are really tacky. So instead of just putting up a “Happy Halloween” sign on my door and sticking a bowl of candy on my dining table, I decided to try something new.