Get everything you need to know about pre and post sun care with this guide |
1. Coola Sunscreen | 2. Clinique Protection Stick | 3. Fake Bake Tanning Spray | 4. Sun Bum Cool Down Lotion | 5. Burt’s Bees After Sun Soother | 6. Avene Body Lotion | 7. Clinique Hand Lotion | 8. Bed Head Conditioner

Tis the season of pool parties, beach days and all kinds of outdoor activities.

And while we all want to have a summer glow, we also need to take care of our skin.

These products will cover all of your bases – from your hair to your toes.

  1. Coola Sunscreen – $24 | First things first, we have to protect our skin from the sun with sunscreen. The great thing about this Coola spray is that is strong enough for your whole body and gentle enough to use on your face – I don’t know how often you’ve sprayed drug store brand sunscreen on your face and immediately felt your pores clogging. That won’t happen with this stuff.
  2. Clinique Protection Stick – $21 | This SPF 24 stick is perfect for your lips, ears and hair part. All of the places you may forget about with normal sunscreen. Your lips especially need some extra love during the hot months.
  3. Fake Bake Tanning Spray – $26.50 | I’ve talked about why I love this tanning spray so much here – and I still do. It has an easy application and won’t make you look orange. Plus one bottle lasts me the entire summer.
  4. Sun Bum Cool Down Lotion – $11.99 | When getting home from a day outdoors, you need to give your body some love. Have some areas that got a little too much sun? The aloe and vitamin E in this lotion will hydrate your skin.
  5. Burt’s Bees After Sun Cooler – $9.99 | If you can’t order Sun Bum online or get to an Ulta to buy it, Burt’s Bees is something you can find at CVS and Walgreens. This is perfect for post-sun moisturizing AND sun burn care.
  6. Avene Body Lotion – $29 | While #4 and #5 are perfect for areas that got a little too much sun, this lotion is perfect for your entire body. Whether you got any color or not, your skin is thirsty after being in the sun. This is perfect for all over.
  7. Clinique Hand Lotion – $6-$22 | And of course, we always have to moisturize our hands. This lotion is perfect to keep next to your bed and use right before bed every night.
  8. Bed Head Conditioner – $16.99 | The final piece we have to think about in the summer, is our hair. Chlorine from the pool and salt from the ocean are a sure fire way to dry out your hair. This conditioner is made especially for post-sun exposure and has aloe and vitamin E. It is also safe for color treated hair.

Use some (or all) of these products this summer and you are sure to keep your entire body hydrated – just don’t forget your water bottle. 🙂



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8 Neutral Blushes for Summer |
1. Chanel | 2. Jane Iredale | 3. MAC | 4. by Terry | 5. Laura Mercier | 6. Lord & Berry | 7. NARS | 8. Lancôme

When the weather gets hotter, I cover my face more and more.

Whether it is with sunscreen or hats…I try to avoid the sun like the plague. I’m not trying to add any unnecessary wrinkles. Right, ladies?

But, just because I’m keeping my face out of the sun doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a sun kissed look.

And to get that look, I like a neutral blush. Nothing too crazy or bright or shimmery. Just a natural color.



Seeing Mint |
Side Table | Running Half-Zip | Sports Bra | Wireless Speaker | Essie Nail Polish | Lauren B Nail PolishNike Running Shoes

We’re just a few weeks away from the first day of Summer and if you’re like me you’re trying to hold onto Spring colors just a little longer.

One of my all time favorite Spring colors (and just colors in general) is mint!

It’s girly and fun and you can use it everywhere – from household decor to your nail color – mint just works.

These are some of my favorites across the board…

  1. This side table is simple, but will definitely bring a pop of color to any room. If you have a small space that is in need of a table (and you aren’t afraid of a little color) than this may be just what you need.
  2. Even though summer is coming we still have a lot of overcast days to come this June and this running half-zip pull over is perfect for those days you want to go for a run but need a little warmth.
  3. And what goes better with that pull over than a super cute sports bra? This one happens to be from H&M and is super affordable.
  4. I don’t know about you, but I plan on spending a lot of time outside in the next few months – whether at the pool, beach or just in the back barbecuing – and music is going to be a necessity. This portable Bose wireless speaker is so cute and can go with you everywhere.
  5. Essie is always my go-to nail polish. I know when I’m using Essie I will only need to do 1 coat.
  6. If Essie isn’t your fave you can check out this brand or a number of others that also carry a mint shade.
  7. Need some freaking adorable desk accessories? These are sure to dress up your work space!
  8. Nikes always has the best colors and patterns for running shoes and these mint ones definitely don’t disappoint. I’m loving the different colors and textures of these shoes.

What are your go-to colors as we transition from Spring to Summer? Are you loving mint too – or is it just me? 😉



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Everyday Beauty Essentials |

While I love trying new products there are some products that are just my ride or die. These beauty products are my go-to – you will always find them in my bathroom and I am always recommending them to friends.


Everyday Beauty Essentials |

This Purity face wash is perfect for all skin types. It is so gentle, but really keeps your skin clean. I have used this every morning for the last year and I can’t say anything I don’t like about it.

Everyday Beauty Essentials |

After I cleanse my face I use this Eucerin face lotion. I have literally used this lotion for 10 years – wow that makes me feel old.

But I do have to say that I have never found another lotion like this. It doesn’t make my face feel greasy and acts as a moisturizer, sunblock and a make-up primer.

Everyday Beauty Essentials |

Now I could write PAGES about how much I love this Batiste dry shampoo!

I tell every person I can about it. It is that freakin’ good.

I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week and this dry shampoo keeps my hair grease free in between washes. Now the reason I love this brand over all other brands I have tried is because of all of their options.

This comes tinted for all shades of hair so you don’t have to worry about that white chalky color other dry shampoos have.

Seriously try this ASAP – it is da best!!

Everyday Beauty Essentials |

So, since I don’t wash my hair everyday, I do buy more high end hair products. This huge bottle of Biolage shampoo will literally last 4-6 months.

I do use their anti-dandruff formula because ever since I stopped washing my hair so much, my scalp stopped producing as much oil. So, during the dry months, my scalp can get a little dry. As soon as I switched from their normal formula to this, I saw a difference within a week – that’s just 2 washes!

If you have a dry scalp, or are looking to start washing your hair less, I definitely recommend this!

Everyday Beauty Essentials |

This Macadamia hair mask is about to give your hair life!

I again started using this when I started washing my hair less. Since I only condition my hair a couple times a week, doing an intense hair mask has been amazing.

I wouldn’t recommend this for literally everyday, but it is definitely an essential to have on hand!

Everyday Beauty Essentials |

The last essential is another hair product and it is this smoothing cream from Kenra.

I bought this on a whim while at Ulta and really like it. It is perfect for days when the ends of your hair just need a little bit of moisture.

You just need one or two pumps and that’s it. This bottle will last you forever!

And that’s it. Those are my tried and true everyday beauty essentials that I can’t live without. What product can you not go a day without?





Summer Essentials |

I know. I know…it’s already August and I’m JUST getting around to my summer essentials. In my defense, the weather in San Diego is just starting to feel like summer. It has been weird weather the past couple months. Super mild, then crazy thunderstorms, humidity, fog…it’s been wild – at least by San Diego standards.

It finally feels like the weather is calming down, but now it is hot hot hot. When I’m at work, I barely notice the heat – our AC rocks. But as soon as I get into my non air conditioned apartment at the end of the day the summer struggle is real. To beat the heat we have been hitting up a local hotel pool on Saturdays – we would be at the beach, but the shark sightings on the shoreline have been a little out of control the past couple weeks.

Anyways, this list is a mix of old and new products, but all of them are my current summer favorites.

Summer Essentials |

Coppertone Sport Sunscreen

First and foremost…sunscreen. I wear sunscreen all year round, but I douse myself in it during the summer. I’m pretty fair so the likelihood of me burning is 99.9% unless I’m constantly applying sunscreen. I prefer the spray over the lotion just because I feel like it goes on quickly and you can get your back on your own if no one is around. I have been loving Coppertone – mostly because of the smell. It smells like old school sunscreen, and I LOVE that smell. It just smells like childhood.

Summer Essentials |

Fake Bake Self-Tan

So now that I’ve revealed that I am a sunscreen fanatic, I will say my next summer essential is self tanner. I have tried lotions, mousses, spray tans, etc. The Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan is by far my favorite. It gives me noticeable color without looking super tan or worse – orange. I apply 1 coat with a tanning mitt before I go to bed and when I wake up the next morning I have a sun-kissed tan. Using the mitt is essential! It gives you an even color and keeps it from being blotchy. The mitt it comes with SUCKS, for lack of a better word. It only lasted one application before falling apart. Instead use these Ulta mitts. They are super cheap and last at least 2-3 tanning sessions. I only apply one coat, once a week. The bottle says you can apply an additional coat a couple days after the first coat, but I’ve never needed to.

Summer Essentials |

Victoria’s Secret True Escape – I couldn’t find the lotion online, but they should have it in store.

Another summer essential is lotion. Especially when you have a fake tan, you need to keep your skin hydrated so your tan doesn’t get blotchy a few days in. One lotion I have been loving is Victoria’s Secret True Escape hand cream. I have been putting this on my hands and arms right before bed, and when I wake up, my skin still feels hydrated.

Summer Essentials |

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White – Sephora

Throughout the year, I try to switch up my perfume to match the season. Right now I am loving Elizabeth and James Nirvana White. It has a sweet fresh scent and is perfect for summer nights. I got this in the roller ball so I could try it out and so far I really like it. It isn’t too strong and just feels like a summer scent. Maybe I’ll try the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black in the Fall.

Summer Essentials |

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop – Sephora

The last summer essential is Becca and Jaclyn Hill’s collaborative highlighter – Champagne Pop. I was hesitant to buy this highlighter because of the price, but I had heard so many good things about it and when I went to Sephora they happened to have a few left in stock. I swatched it on my hand and decided I’d give it a whirl. I can now say that I totally love it. It really is the perfect color for every skin color. Not to mention the creaminess of the formula. I’ve heard Becca highlighters are great, but I am now an official believer. This is a limited edition, so it may be hard to find in store, but they do still have it online. Even though the price is high, I justified it by knowing that this will last me a long long time – you only need the smallest amount – and that you can use it for more than just your cheeks. I use it to highlight my brow bone or as an eye shadow.

Summer Essentials |

So those are my current summer essentials. What are the products you just can’t live without this season?



Lush D'Fluff Review |

If you’re like me, your shaving routine involves body wash and a loofah a couple times a week. Now, that’s nothing to be proud of (and my legs were begging me for something new). So, the last time I was at Lush, I was trying some products and stumbled across D’Fluff and thought to myself…maybe it is time to finally step my shaving game up. This pink shaving cream soap is made with strawberries, egg whites, golden syrup, rosehip oil, coconut oil, maple sugar and cocoa butter.

It definitely gets its color from the strawberries. It is a super soft/beautiful pink. Makes you feel extra girly while shaving with it. And the egg whites give it that extra fluffy texture.

Lush D'Fluff Review |

Now, let’s talk about scent. When I picked it up and saw the color I immediately thought it would smell like fresh strawberries, but NO…that rosehip oil dominates. If you don’t like a rose scent, you probably won’t like this. I’m not the biggest fan of rose, but the scent isn’t overpowering, so I can overlook it.

For the larger 5.3oz container it is $16.95. Not cheap, but I can say after using this the last couple weeks that I have seen an extreme difference in my legs post-shave. They are so much smoother and super moisturized from the cocoa butter. I’m not using this every day, because if I did, I’d be repurchasing every couple weeks. But only using this a couple times a week has been more than enough for me to see great results.

Lush D'Fluff Review |

What are your favorite lush products?